How to start a website

Here is a list of things you need to start a website in Bermuda.

1. Have content

  • Your text
  • Your pictures
  • Your videos

2. Register your name on the internet

  • A business can register their name with the Bermuda Government and pay $100 for a .bm name. If you serve Bermuda customers, the .bm will identify your site as part of the region.
  • International hosting companies can offer registration. The fee is lower, but you are registered outside Bermuda and will not have personal support. Prices range based on the name.

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3. Select a web host

Your website will sit at this location on the internet. There are many web hosts; choose wisely.

  • All-in-one websites include host, registration and platform - you would rent everything.
  • Managed websites allow flexible hosting options.

4. Choose a website platform

This application will display your text, pictures and video.

All-in-one Website Plaforms

There are many all-in-one website platforms. After you place your content inside one, you are locked in. Some include:

These sites offer simple interfaces that allow you to build a website quickly.

Managed Website Platforms

If you are looking for a website that will grow with your business, there are a few good managed platforms. The platforms are frameworks that let you add what you need and customize. Some include:

  • Word Press
  • Joomla
  • Magneto

Managed platforms offer impressive scale - from a single page up to full-scale e-commerce store. Additionally, they work well with evolving e-commerce and digital marketing trends, for example, SEM, SEO, mobile-first.

Types of Websites

Personal Websites

You can set up your blog, but generally, Facebook and Instagram serve this purpose. They are free to use. Sign up with your email address.

Professional Websites

Companies that depend on their business reputation or products to generate revenue will commission a professional company that is either a web developer or web designer to create and manage their site. A web agency can do the same, but they also have the resources to drive sales through the website.

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Ready to start your website in Bermuda?