Social Media is the most powerful media platform for advertisers in the world. Facebook is the leader, but Tik Tok has gained substantial traffic by capturing more attention than Facebook and YouTube.


The Why

Tik Tok’s impact was so detrimental that it contributed to Facebook's sales decline and 25% loss ($240 billion) of value.  Tik Tok is a video platform. And Facebook is a text and image platform that added video. Trying to stay current, Facebook (and its sister company, Instagram) is shifting all of its focus to video. That direction will ask advertisers to support a video format on Facebook and Instagram.

The Bermuda Market

Most advertisers in Bermuda are comfortable with image and text ads. Video advertising in Bermuda is limited to the BBC nightly news or the occasional video that appears on Facebook or Instagram. The transition to video advertising is simple — point, shoot and boost — just like photos. The drawback with point and shoot is that it strips away company branding, which is the social media platform's intention — to encourage businesses to create generic commodity content.

Tools for Transition

Using the point and shoot method, a smartphone is the only device needed to post to social media. However, other components are a consideration. Recently, rdis released a cellphone comparison chart that helps you evaluate baseline data plans for mobile devices. With the bulk of Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok's traffic being mobile, marketing managers may have to consider:

1. The data plan - If one upload costs you $20 in data overage fees, the expense of social media is a reality.
2. The device storage size — video files are much larger than image files. Old phones with large video files create problems.
3. Time - Internet upload speed on WiFi and cellular differs drastically. A cellular network may provide 3 Mbps in upload speed, which may require a 5-minute wait per platform.

Marketing managers have to consider when and how they will adapt to the changing social media landscape.  If most of the attention is on a video platform that is mobile, they will have to consider the steps to gain attention.