The Royal. The Gazette Part Is Going Digital.

The Government announced in its recent budget statement they will be moving the Official Gazette from the newspaper to a digital platform. And the Govt will see a savings of $150k ($12.5k a month) because of the change. As a media buyer, this Government shift has impact.

1. Reach. The draw of a newspaper is its civic role; it’s a place where residents are expected to be informed on community news and have a designated source for public notice. The readership of this information has always been a core audience to reach with marketing messages. Notices such as: Jobs, Incorporations, Land, Marriages, Health and more are published in an Official Gazette. The change may reduce the audience reach because locals would be directed elsewhere on a daily basis.

2. Digital Spending. The actual production of the newspaper will have fixed information omitted from the overall presentation. This won’t be the first time this occurred. If you recall, the Bermuda Sun at one time had the contract for the Official Gazette. However, at that time:

  1. Bernews was not the juggernaut
  2. Advertisers were not clicking the “boost” button on Facebook

In the first year, $150k would be displaced in local ad spending. Year two, digital spending would be clearly established outside of print.

3. Digital Over Print. Advertisers who use the newspaper to reach a core audience of readers will now have to look at the quality of content produced by the newspaper in the local, business, sports and lifestyle sections to gauge if the publication is retaining its audience.

The Govt encourages a stronger digital presence in the lives of the average resident — moving digital media to a basic necessity.