TikTok overtakes Facebook

Downloads increase over Q2.

In Digital Marketing, we can track just about anything. In a recent report on the track of App downloads, TikTok’s current popularity is seeing a surge in downloads. The report is an indicator of platform awareness; it does not show an active audience scale. Facebook has the most users and the broadest demographic reach.   


How does this impact my advertising?



For Conservative Advertisers

Old-fashioned conservative advertising planning would look at the month or quarter and propose a formula for marketing success:
- One ad in the newspaper per week
- One spot in the favourite daily radio talkshow per day 
- One appearance in the top magazine each month

Digital disrupts traditional. The customer is actively influenced by non-traditional media. 

Most conservative advertisers latched onto Facebook as the go-to for Social Media advertising. Now, they are entrenched and likely unresponsive to a core principle of digital — disruption. Conservative/traditional advertisers will ignore Facebook's challenger because they are not factoring in the speed of change due to technology. Facebook bought Instagram to retain its core customers and slow the pace of change - customers switching away to its then major competitor — Instagram.



For Digital Advertisers

TikTok is a media disruption to Facebook. The number of current activations can drive new content engagements over the next quarter and offer expanded brand awareness.

How does the disruption work?
Advertising Inventory. 

As simple inventory scenario

  • 25 Facebook Bermuda advertisers (ten car companies and fifteen construction companies)
  • 7 TikTok Bermuda (four car companies and three construction companies)
  • Facebook's ad inventory and feed will be more congested because a daily time constraint exists for a single Bermudian user that has an interest in cars, construction or your category of business

Ad exposure time
TikTok - 40 mins a day - every 8 minutes 5 ads display
Facebook - 30 mins a day - every 1.2 minutes 1 ads display


Facebook offers a degraded user experience, similar to cable channels that display constant commercials. However, a digital advertiser can comfortably recalibrate between digital platforms to ensure their ad can receive good exposure.