Bermuda YouTube Advertising

YouTube has restored Bermuda to its list of advertising markets.

With the return of commercial pauses, you can now advertise your products or service inside videos such as sports, news, education, health care, automotive, and so much more.

As a full-service specialists, we create, plan, program and manage all the services related to digital placement on YouTube and other digital channels. Local companies that use YouTube are seeing their ad appear inside of programming such as EPL highlights, Netflix trailers and news from global media companies.

Comapnies the advertise on YouTube


Are YouTube ads right for my business?
YouTube works best if your goal is to reach a broad audience or operate in a defined business sector of the economy.

How is YouTube different from Facebook?
While both technically deliver video, YouTube content captures a viewer’s attention for a longer duration. And YouTube has professional media partners with a legacy of traditional TV broadcasting. For example, Major League Baseball is licensing games to be shown globally over YouTube for free. And news giants, NBC and Sky, live stream video daily. Facebook, on the other hand, is driven by deeply personal posts.

How much does it cost?
As a baseline cost, a TV commercial that airs in the local television news is approximately $200 per spot. A day on YouTube is much less than that. However, the media placement budget should reflect marketing goals based on Bermuda's market conditions.

If you would like to try YouTube advertising, give us a call on 505-1779 or send an email.