Back To Business

Customers have transitioned.  Are You Ready?


Your customers are going back to work transformed. 

After a two-year hiatus, the community is ready to restart trade and consumption of goods and services in Bermuda. The anticipation is that consumers will boost economic activity by shopping, dining and spending on durables.

Expectations are high, but the reality is that customers have changed. The two years saw consumers educate themselves on self-service and direct to consumer shopping. That new knowledge matched with satisfactory experiences makes them more confident in demanding a different shopping experience. 

The change in consumer behaviour requires a shift in marketing. Unfortunately, Bermuda businesses may struggle with new customer attitudes and behaviours.

  • Most Bermuda businesses depend on Facebook or Instagram to generate customers but are unaware of the marketing vulnerability of Facebook’s sales decline and Tik Tok’s rise to prominence.
  • Customer attention is shifting to a different advertising format — video. And Bermuda businesses don’t advertise on TV, so transitioning to Tik Tok and Reels video-only format is a sharp departure from the image-text-boost system executives have mastered.
  • Bermuda businesses remain largely invisible to customers that are online and are actively developing informed opinions about products and services. Simple examples: you do not see any local service providers appearing online where clients learn about their industry. Local retailers that sell sports products, for example, avoid customers that are online learning about running, weight lifting or nutrition
  • As more people go back to in-person activities, attention will shift to commuting, all-day work activity, and communal activities that were unavailable during the two-year pause. 

Marketing will have to be flexible and responsive to the consumer's fully-engaged lifestyle. Use of video for advertising and social media; and programmed online advertising will have to be employed to meet customers where they are — at work on the computer, at home on the Smart TV and Tablet, or outdoors on the phone.

Contact rdis if you need assistance transitioning to a more effective marketing strategy. We have extensive expertise in researching, making recommendations, and implementing successful plans that combine traditional, social, and digital marketing.